“By Grace Are You Saved” Ephesians 2:8-9

We are a small church with a large heart for Jesus Christ.  The church is located in the tiny town of Rose City, MN.  When you visit us, you will receive a warm welcome and be sure that Jesus will meet us there.

 We are posting the sermon here and LIVE on our Rose City Free Church Facebook page as well as meeting at the church. Please join us! 

  If you have prayer requests feel free to contact us.

Sunday Morning Service 10:00 am

Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer 7:00 pm

Youth Workshop -Join Us This JUNE

Register by clicking here http://bit.ly/3LDI4br


4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Thank you for the warm welcome on April 24th. Thank you, Pastor Stumbo for the thought provoking message. We are studying “We Will not be Silenced” in our Wednesday night Bible study. Erwin Lutzer is one of our favorite Pastors, as is David Jeremiah. Incidentallly, what was the 2nd book you are currently reading? Is it the ‘Evolution is Dead’, who is the author? We enjoy Randy Guliuzza, PE, MD, of the Institute for Creation Research. We were able to hear him speak in Harris, Minnesota, some years ago. ICR.ORG Trusting in Jesus, Always, Patricia (and Pastor Paul) Twist, Henning,MInnesota


  2. Hi, Pat!! I talked to Pastor Terry and the book he mentioned was “Atheism Is Dead” by Eric Metaxes. It was great to see both of you on Sunday! The hug was the best part…LOL !


  3. Thank you for sharing with Pastor Terry. We like him. We will be back sometime when we can play
    ‘hooky’ again from Basswood Baptist! Skip told us he welcomes Baptists too, ha,ha. I was raised in the Covenant Church in Willmar. My first husband and I went to the Methodist church for some years. Paul baptized me in 2011, I think it was. I became a Christian in 1972. Greet the congregation from us!


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